Tuesday, June 21, 2011


We have finally arrived back in Florida. We got in late Saturday night and we haven't seem to stop moving since arriving. It was a long, long drive and we were all exhausted but we got to relax on Sunday, which was Father's day in and around the pool. My father in law did a cook out even though it was Father's day but he knew how exhausted we all were. Spending the day outside and in the pool, I got a little sun-burned on my shoulders. Wasn't back for more than 24 hours and got sunburned. Oops. Oh well.
Brien started work today even though he could have used another week of relaxation before working. I start on Friday back with Disney with my traditions class. Other than that, all is going smoothly. We are living with Brien's parents for about 2 weeks until the house we rented is available. Surprisingly enough, the dogs are handling their new living situation quite well. Got the computer hooked up so I'm able to blog, check emails, and play on facebook which I have missed since we packed up the computer last Wednesday night.
Time to go and attend to laundry and then I'm off to visit my parents and store a few things at their house until the house is ready.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Well, its Saturday the 11th of June and we are packing away. I would say we have about 75% of the house packed and ready to go and just have the necessities left to do. Brien is out working on getting his shop stuff all packed up while I finish up the house. I can't believe one week from now we will be in Florida. Then on the following Monday, I go to Disney casting to fill out my paperwork in order to start working for the mouse again. I'm looking forward to it and to seeing all my friends I left behind almost 5 years ago. Of course, I'm going to miss my sisters and my family here in Texas but I'll definitely be back for visits.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Well I am back and getting rested from my long drive to and from Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was a wonderful memorial/burial for my Nanny. Kristin and I made the drive fun and it never got boring. I also got to see a lot of my cousins and meet 2 cousins that I had never met before. I can't wait to see all the pictures that everyone took. I forgot my camera and only had the camera on my phone to use so I didn't take many photos. After the memorial, we went to my cousin Kelton's house for a informal dinner. This is where we watch a video of photos of my Nanny's life. We all giggled at some of them and got teary eyed at others. Afterwards, we headed back to the hotel. For all of us that came from out of town, we stayed at the same hotel. We then decided to keep the socializing going for awhile. We just sat around and had a good time. My Nanny would be very proud of us for doing just that.

But now that I am getting well rested from that trip, I must prepare for my next trip. I will be heading back to Florida with my parents in just over a week so that I can go find a place for us to move to. This will also be the time that I will be re-auditioning for Disney Entertainment. I still want to work with animals but jobs are a little hard to come by these days and with my height, I should have no problem getting back into the entertainment world at Disney. This will also get me back in the door with Disney and hope to transfer into the animal keeping business at Animal Kingdom. Once, I return back to Texas, it will be nonstop packing from there on out. Mind you, after I return, Tyler will be having friends over for a birthday celebration. So I must be crazy to think that I will have 5 teenage boys in my house at the same time. I must go food shopping and get well stocked.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Well here it is the first of May and our weather here in Weatherford, Texas is going crazy. But we aren't the only ones affected by this crazy weather. So today it is rainy and high of 56 and windy. Tomorrow it is windy and high of only 51. Luckily I didn't pack all our jackets for our move. But this weather isn't as crazy as where I will be heading to tomorrow. I venture out with my younger sister and start to drive to Albuquerque. Right now it is 43 degrees but feeling like 32. Also there is a chance of some rain/snow showers. We are going out there for my Nanny's funeral. She is getting buried with my Grandpa in Santa Fe at the Veteran Cementary and they are expected to get some snow. CRAZY!!

Well, I got to go and pack. Later.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

House Hunting

So I have started to look for a place to rent back home. I have found some I like and are very interested in them and others that are icky. Then there are some that are outrageous in price for little square footage. I am hoping to get to Florida in the next couple of weeks to look at these places which I hope are still available when I need them to be. Then I can put my deposits down and start thinking about all the other deposits I need to put down for utilities. There are many factors I consider when looking for a place. First is that it has to be in range for monthly rent. Second there has to be 3 bedrooms. Size of bedrooms doesn't matter too much since all we use them for is sleep anyhow. Third, kitchen size. I miss my old kitchen I had in our house in Sanford so I'm hoping for something of a decent size. This is important because Brien enjoys cooking and it can be a challenge in a small kitchen. Fourth, a decent size family room. I personally would like to have a fourth bedroom but most four bedroom places are out of our range for rent. So that is where we are for now.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm so bad about blogging... LOL

Well, here we are and it is April 26, 2011. It has been almost 2 years since my last blog and there is really no excuse. I could blame that I had no time but that is one lousy excuse. I had time. In the past 2 years, I have been at my computer daily and really was no reason to jot down something to keep everyone informed. I am going to try to do better and today is the day I decided to start doing that.

My boys are doing great. Tyler is going to be 14 years old in 3 weeks. I can't believe where the time has gone. He finishing up 8th grade and doing great in school. Well, I say great but he does have some laziness to him when it comes to daily school work. He took 2 of his 4 TAKS test already and got commended on both. He did learn from his Reading teacher that he only missed 2 questions on the whole test. Totally awesome. I hope he does that good on his upcoming 2 TAKS tests in Science and Social Studies. Then he enters the wonderful years of high school. Scary thought that I have a kid going into high school. Luckily he decided to grow also in the past couple of years. He has surpassed me in height but then again, everyone is usually taller than me. Brien and I are both glad he has some height on him and that he is going to continue to grow. Then there is Hunter, the baby. Well, not a baby anymore. He is 8 1/2 years old and finishing up 2nd grade. He does well in school if only I can convince him not to talk and get into trouble while in the classroom. We are still working on it and hope he starts to do better. He is still my munchkin as ever. I'm hoping he will have a growth spurt eventually.

On other news, we have officially decided to move back to Florida. We will be making this move in June after the kids get out of school. We have lived in Texas for 4 years now but I think for us it never felt like 'home'. We are moving back to Longwood/Altamonte Springs area so that Tyler can attend Lake Brantley High school with his cousins. I love my house and my almost 2 acre land but we miss home. Wish I could pack up and move my house and yard and take it with me but its not possible so I must say goodbye.

Well, I think that is it for today's update. I hope everyone is well and doing good and I can't wait to meet/catch up with everyone who lives in Florida in the upcoming months.

Friday, September 11, 2009


That is all I can say. Last night I had the lovely chance to deal with the result of skunk spraying. Yes, you read that right...skunk spraying. I let the girls out back to go potty since it was supposed to rain overnight and well, they discovered a new "black and white" friend. Unfortunately, not the kind of friend that we want to know. Jasmine got it on her neck and parts of her face, the strongest being on her neck. Lily got the lovely pleasure of getting it on her right hind leg. Once I got them distracted from the thing in the yard, I brought them back into the house. BIG MISTAKE!! Don't ever bring a dog into your house that has been sprayed by a skunk because you cannot get rid of the smell. We had just about all my candles lit and nothing was working. We got them in the shower and I bathed them. They looked so pathetic. I thought I was going to throw up. I tried putting some mentholatum (vapor rub) under my nose to try and help but it was too late. The smell was already in my nostrils and it was there to stay. Went to bed.

Today, luckily I am home and have had the windows open throughout the house all day long. Also lucky that it hasn't rain like it was supposed to. I guess God decided to help me out in airing out our house. I have been thanking him all day for it. Besides the windows being open, I have had the candles burning in different rooms. The kitchen has the yummy smell of christmas cookies by yankee candle while our bedroom has cinnamon sticks from white barn candle. Along with the candles, I have the AirWick sprayers going off every 9 minutes in my bathroom and every 18 minutes in the living room. It is now only faintly smelling like that awful skunk odor.

Now all we need to fix our problems is more flood lights to light up our backyard. That is going to be our next investment in the household funds. LOL.